At EPS-recycle we sell and rent compactors. The machines have a compression volume of 10-250 kg / hour and are delivered as free-standing machines or in a container solution. We also have experience in preparing a tailor-made solution for recycling sites. Read more about the individual machines below for sale and rent:

Machines for sale

If your company has special requests for a machine, you are very welcome to contact us so that together we can develop the right solution. Follow the link and see the compression machines we have ready for sale.


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Machines for rent

At EPS-recycle we also like to accommodate the needs of the customers who may only need a compactor for a shorter period of time. Anything from a construction project to a clean-up. Follow the link below to see machines we have available for rent.

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Repair of machines

Do you have a problem with your machine? You can always contact us and we will find a solution.

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