Purchase of materials for recycling

Your EPS waste is a valuable resource that can be reused for new products – for the benefit of both the environment and your company’s finances. In the EPS recycle we buy material and recycle it at our factory in Thisted. We receive material in two categories with the following quality requirements:

Category 1(highest quality pure white)- The EPS material should be:
  • approved for food contact material
  • fully traceable
  • free of chemicals and dyes
  • white and completely free of sand
  • not mixed with other types of foam compressed before transport
Category 2(non white) The EPS material should:
  • be completely free of sand
  • not be mixed with other types of foam
  • Have a HBCD content below the limit of 100 mg / kg HBCD
  • be compressed before transport

If your company has EPS material to sell, please contact us through the form below.