EPS-RECYCLE has developed the perfect compactor for EPS (AIRPOP) The solution fits well in a small fishing business, retail and more. who are tired of container emptying and expensive transportation expenses.


Our compacters help you to:

  • Reduce your transport 40: 1
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions
  • Save money on combustion tax
  • Save money on container transport
  • Creates value for your waste

RIHNO 200 SEAFOOD is the perfect solution for your fishing business or retail. The solution is user-friendly and does not take up much weight. The machine reduces your EPS (AIRPOP) waste from 40: 1 and achieves a density of 250-350 kg / m3. There are 7 different levels depending on how hard one would compress the EPS (AIRPOP) material. Machine is so intelligent that it is impossible to burn it together with many other competitors

RIHNO 200 SEAFOOD is made of the highest quality. compared to its competitors in the market. The artificial intelligence makes it super easy for anyone to work with the machine. Compared to its competitors, it is made of hardened-steel and stainless-steel, which prevents the machine from rusting. The machine can be handled by a person over the age of 16 and you can go to and from the machine as you like as the machine even stops when it is empty of material.

Dimensions of the machine:

  • Performance: 200 kg / hour (approx. 360 fish boxes with lids)
  • EPS: up to 30kg / m3
  • Compression: 250-350kg / m 3
  • Power consumption: 63 Amp 19.4 KW motor
  • Block size: 40×40 cm
  • Input hole: 140×60 cm
  • Machine size: 473x162x238 LxWxH