Sale of PS granulate

We sell PS granulate made from recycled EPS. The quality is GPPS, which is an excellent alternative to “virgin” granules. The raw material GPPS can be treated up to seven times. It is good for both your finances and the environment. If you want to buy GPPS granules, we guarantee you a pure quality product of 100% recycled EPS material manufactured at our factory in Thisted, Denmark.

We sell GPPS material of two qualities

1) High quality GPPS granules Product made from used EPS fishing boxes approved as food contact material. The supplier is always known and there is full traceability of the product. The quality and MFI of the GPPS is in this category is equal to “virgin” PS material.

2) EU approved GPPS granules Product made from mixed EPS waste material. There is not full traceability of this material. The HBCD content of the products is below the 100 mg / kg HBCD limit set in the EU POP Regulation (Regulation 2016/293 of 01.03.2016) for “virgin” and inorganic material from recycling.

We guarantee that the material of the two qualities will never be mixed so that our customers have a 100% guarantee of the quality they buy. If you want to buy material, please contact us using the form below. Then we will find a solution that suits you and your company.